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PR Exhibition offers the easiest solution to get your news release released nationally. The only move you have to make is submit your news releases using our user-friendly tools and leave the rest to us. With our modern templates and technologically superior platform, submission of press releases is a breeze, even if you are doing it for the first time.

With our powerful press release services, you can reach new audience while keeping your existing clients informed. We help you increase indexing in search engines and improve the online reputation of your website. Our distribution processes are designed for speedy delivery that cruises right into your targeted niche while ensuring exceptionally high levels of user convenience. Instant and improved online visibility is provided, when you choose PR Exhibition to distribute your press releases.

Step 1: Sign Up

Registering with PR Exhibition is a simple, quick process and can be completed in minutes, literally. Just fill in your name and e-mail details and click on the automatically generated confirmation e-mail link.


Follow our friendly instruction process to activate your account. The range of packages and press release options now opens up for access. Identify the best package that you believe will work perfectly well for your specific needs and budget.

Step 2: Submit

Choose from the Options Available

We have a series of exciting packages to choose from. Browse and decide which one works best for you. Our experts will walk you through the process of selection. We offer a completely secure payment process. Move quickly to the landing page and submit your press release to complete this stage.


Our editorial team takes over and checks the compliance of your news release with our submission parameters, such as news worthiness, SEO value, language, and format. If it meets the approved standards and industry regulations, the news is approved for release.

Step 3: Track It

Get Detailed Report Where It Gets Published

We guarantee inclusion of your press release on maximum news websites and also on the most visited newspaper, radio, TV news websites, news blogs, social media platforms, news feeds, and content sharing websites. Our widest distribution network ensures unparalleled reach for your news to give you unmatched exposure.

Get Proof that We Have Delivered

Know whether you are getting your money's worth by using our advanced tracking and reporting tools. They tell you whether we have delivered what we promised. Get exhaustive visibility reports complete with published links and traffic stats with a simple click.

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Want to have your press release distributed? We offer the easiest solution. Get your news published fast using one of our affordably priced packages that fit your needs and budget.


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