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Maximum Exposure on All Relevant News Websites

We guarantee inclusion of your press release on every relevant national, regional, local, radio and TV, trade and industry, and international news websites.

Get Top Channels to Flash Your News

Get your news distributed on news channels that cover your industry, products, and services to get the widest coverage at the most competitive prices. We target traditional media like newspapers, magazines, and broadcast news desks, along with business and trade journals, news bureaus, and wire services.

Go Full Blast on Social Media

We increase the visibility of your content by putting it on the most visited and relevant social media websites. PR Exhibition is an SEO optimized site where content can be quickly and easily posted, and where your followers can easily share the content to enhance exposure in geometric proportions.

Get News Bloggers to Read Your Releases

PR Exhibition can help you target news bloggers with maximum blog outreach. Your press release gets included on more than 100 news blog sites to generate extra reach and to reach a highly targeted audience.

Optimized For More Eyeballs

PR Exhibition optimizes your press release for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. It increases the chances of higher rankings for your press release, as journalists, editors, and readers search with these keywords. We allow live links on your news releases, which adds to the SEO value of these pages and can help in driving more targeted visitors to your website.

We are Known For Our Transparency:

With our unique press release management console, submission and management of your press releases become very easy. Additionally, we also provide access to visibility reports and other vital stats that help in measuring the success of your PR distribution.

PR Exhibition has one of the best customer care services in business. Our ticket-based support system ensures that every query from customer is resolved to their satisfaction within a specific time period.

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